Welcome to Goa Ayurvedic Hospital

Goa Ayurvedic Hospital is a one-of-its-kind facility launched by the Alcon Victor Group. This unique hospital in Margao offers you Curative Healthcare solutions that combine the wisdom of ancient ayurveda with modern medical technologies.

The cause of most modern day illness is a stressful and imbalanced lifestyle. Goa Ayurvedic Hospital aims to provide solutions that restore a system of living a balanced life. Our holistic treatments are both safe and effective, and integrate traditional Ayurvedic treatments comprising external therapies, diet, lifestyle modifications and detox procedures. This hospital is the best and authentic center to get Panchakarma treatments in Goa.

We offer treatments for everything from joint pains, fatigue to chronic diseases, nervous and respiratory disorders, kidney stones, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Our fully equipped facility serves both in-patients as well as visiting patients and is supported with a pharmacy and yoga centre.

In addition, we offer preventive health programmes to make sure you stay healthy and retard the ageing process. Do visit us at your convenience to experience the joy of good health.


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23 OCT

All Inclusive package

Goa Ayurvedic Hospital is now offering "All inclusive package". This includes two and half hours therapy everyday and consultation with physician. Yoga. Full board meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea and dinner). Deluxe room - 6500 INR/ day, Twin sharing room - 4700 INR/ day. Including all taxes. (No hidden charges).

For more details kindly send your query in the box at right side of your browser or feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@goaayurvedichospital.com


Ayurveda is an ancient science of life, the word "AYUR" literally means "life" and "VEDA" means "the science of knowledge".

  • Добрый день, уважаемый доктор Партс и Ассель! Выражаем глубокую благодарность за радушный прием и внимательное отношение при получении лечебных процедур. Испытываем прилив сил и бодрость от полученного лечения. Желаем благополучия и успехов Вам и всему коллективу в благородном деле. Минкадир и Назиря.

    Minkadir Xaibulin

  • Good day, dear Doctor Parth, Assel! We express our deep gratitude for the warm welcome and attentive attitude when receiving treatments. Feel a surge of strength and vivacity of treatment received. We wish prosperity and success to you and to all the staff in the noble cause

    Minkadir Xaibulin

  • Namaste! (Hello my dear) Здравствуйте мои дорогие!!! (I'm already on the Volga River, but the soul of the I'm with you) Я уже на Волге, но душой я с Вами! (Very grateful to Dr. Parth, Nelufar and Asel) Очень благодарна доктору Parth, Asel,Nelufar!!! (And the rest of the employees of the hospital. Nelufar have golden hands.)И остальным работникам госпиталя. У Нелуфар золотые руки.(Dream again come to your solar India and come to you for the reception,Goa Ayurvedic Hospital.) Мечтаю снова приехать в Вашу солнечную Индию и прийти в Вам на прием.(Thank you very much!) Спасибо большое! Šukriâ

    Natalia Zakharova

  • I had 2 gall stones. After starting treatment at Goa Ayurvedic Hospital, within 2 days all my problems related to gall stone were gone and after doing usg, 1 stone was gone after 20 days. After 2 months of treatment stones were gone without surgery. I am thankful to a friend of mine who recommnded me to Dr. Parth. I could avoid surgery and the treatment cost was also very affordable.

    Mrs. Sunita

  • I am suffering from blood sugar problem since last 12 years. My post meal sugar was always between 180 to 200. Even though i was taking allopathic medicines and controlloing my diet, the post meal sugar was always high. My family physician advised me to start insulin or try Ayurvedic medicines before starting insulin. I had heard about this hopital from one of my relative who was taking treatment from dr. parth. I started my treatment unedr him and after 15 days, to my surprise my sugar level is reduced to 80 now. Thank you!

    Mr. Sailendera Naik

  • Я думаю, что это лучший госпиталь 
    ля тела Детокс в Гоа. Врач очень мудрым. Я сделал в других местах , но это является лучшим. Терапевт очень приятно. Чистый и гигиенических больница ! Я настоятельно рекомендую эту больницу .


  • Are you depressed? Meet Dr. Parth! Always smiling..very positive physician. I was suffering from depression for a long time after treatments here..I am much better now. I miss everyone at Goa Ayurvedic Hospital! Coming back in July 2016! 

    Tara Bogal - Spain

  • I was suffering from PCOD. After taking treatment here . . my periods are regular. Thank you everyone. 


    Neeta Jain - Margao

  • I was suffering from IBS, i think this is the best hospital for treating IBS. I had tried all Ayurvedic medicines, Kutaj..Kutaj Parpati..Gold metals..silver metals..nothing was working out on my intestine. I read a review here and decided to come to India for IBS treatment. After few communications with Dr. Parth, i was confident he knows what is my problem. Sometimes, listening to heart helps! I am grateful to everyone at GAH


    Ashwini Gaikwad - US

  • i have skin problem for last 7 years. After taking treatment under Dr. Anura Bale..I am alright. Thanks Jiljit and Prathamesh for lovely treatment. Sometimes when i eat chicken, i still get problem. Medicines are effective. Thanks. 



    Krishna Save - Mumbai

  • Best Hospital in India. Best doctor in India. Best team in India. Thank you all for super panchakarma! You all are amazing!


    Natalia - Russia

  • On the way back to Pune near railway station i saw this hospital! I often had headaches, so thought to meet physician. Met Dr. Parth, Thanks to his wise guidance..I am alright after 30 days medication. Never had any problem till date. 



    Umesh Chintamani - Pune

  • Dr. Korde treated me for backache. I am alright after 15 days treatment. I had faith in homeopathy a lot but i realised Ayurveda is faster than Homeopathy. 

    Thanks everyone. 



    sister Nelya

  • Best Hospital in India for digestion problem! I had several issues regarding digestion. met one of the best gastroenterologist in Goa. NO USE. Met Dr. Parth, he explained me the role of diet which was not explained by any doctor in last 8 years. I am alright after medication at this hospital! Strongly recommend for the patients of IBS in Goa.


    Anand Chime - Ponda

  • The best ayurveda center in Goa. I was suffering from PCOD, after 6 months of treatment at Goa Ayurvedic Hospital, my scans are normal. Thank you Harshada and Rupa for your wonderful treatments!

    Deepali Gawas

  • My SGPT and SGOT levels were high. After taking treatment at Goa Ayurvedic Hospital, withing 15 days all the values are normal. The best Ayurvedic center in India. I am proud such hospital is in Goa! Thank you everyone. God Bless!! 


    Chinmay - Margao

  • I met dr Korde for my joint pains, I liked his explainig style and witin 14 days my pain was gone by 30% i must say. I was not aware Ayurvedic medicines are so much powerful..i was planning to to visit Kerala..but after searching on line about Ayurveda Hospital in Goa..i came across this place. Thank you everyone! You people are amazing!

    Thank you dr. Neelesh Korde.



    Natasha Vergese - Chinchini

  • I was not a fan of Ayurvedic medicines. Someone recommended me to meet dr. parth since i was trying to reduce sugar and cholestrol. after meeting him . . i was convensend this physician understands allopathic and ayurvedic both aspects of medicines. initially 2 months there was not much change, but talking to him makes you feel relaxed. I thought to continue his medicines. To my surprises, my sugar was alright in next month and cholestrol was reduced to normal. I wonder, what might have happened in 30 days that changed whole system up - down. Thank you dr. parth mahajan. you are amazing! Thank you Jiljit and Vishwas for your wonderful therapies. this is the best ayurveda center in India for sure.


    Peter D'silva - Mumbai

  • I was asked to meet dr. parth mahajan for my erectile dysfunction problem. he explained me very well about my problem. I think he is the first doctor who advised me genuinely. before i met him i spent almost 3-3.8 lakh rupess for my treatment but there was no relief. After taking Ayurvedic treatment at Goa Ayurveda center, my erection was improved a bit. My sperm count came back to normal after 5 months. God's grace, I have a child now. My erection varies, i still take medication but my wife and me we both are happy that she could conceive. I had no hope in my life. Thank you Goa Ayurvda center. Thank you Jiljit and Prathamesh for all your care.



    No name

  • я была астма. Я был на аллопатических лекарств за последние 12 лет. В то время как я был в Гоа, думали попробовать аюрведические лекарства. Друг направил меня к врачу здесь. Молодой, но очень блестящим. После 6 месяцев лекарств моя ингалятор использование прекращается.